Due to a decrease in demand, high profile releases may not be listed here unless a request has been made prior.

Assignments Request
Required Name Expires
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Never
Lock's Quest Never
Upcoming Releases Reference only; not guaranteed to become assignments. This list may not be 100% accurate.
Date Name Developer Publisher
September 21 Terra Battle 2
September 21 Zombie Solitaire 2 Chapter 2
September 21 My Little Worms
September 21 Achievement Hunter: Foxy
September 21 AMBUSH tactics
September 21 RINGOGNIR 2
September 21 aMaze Achievements: darkness
September 21 Mirror
September 21 Professor Watts Word Search: Into The Ocean
September 21 Little Adventurer II
September 21 Keyboard Killers
September 21 Trials of the Illuminati: Sea Creatures Jigsaws