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Upcoming Releases Reference only; not guaranteed to become assignments. This list may not be 100% accurate.
Date Name Developer Publisher
September 20 Star Control: Origins Stardock
September 20 The Gardens Between The Voxel Agents
September 25 Pathfinder: Kingmaker Owlcat Games
September 26 Deep Sky Derelicts
September 28 FIFA 19 EA Sports
September 30 Atomic Society
September 30 Cooking Simulator Wastelands Interactive
PlayWay S.A.
September 30 Feudal Alloy Attu Games
September 30 Floatlands Studio Techtrics
September 30 Ion Maiden Voidpoint
3D Realms
September 30 Police Simulator 18 Bigmoon Entertainment
astragon Entertainment GmbH
September 30 Rainswept Frostwood Interactive